MOTOSCANfor Android mobile devices

MOTOSCAN ANDROID for Android mobile devices

The ready-made app turns any Android data capturing device into a complete tool

This is entry level data capture for everyone. It’s easy to understand and handle. Make your own data capture solution with MotoScan for Android handheld devices. The most common data capture scenarios are combined in a small software package that gives the end user an easy and simple way of handling data collection. Plus, it’s easy to interface with ERP systems because it operates with a common batch output as a plain text files.

Everybody can learn to use and enjoy using the software. It is easy to modify and adapt the menus and texts to your needs. MotoScan Android is an app made solely for data capture tasks and it supports the integrated scanners in Zebra/Symbol Android devices. It also supports scanning using the camera on devices without an integrated scanner, such as consumer devices like Android phones.


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What is MotoScan for Android used as?

Inventory tool

Inventory is the most common scenario for data capture. Use MotoScan to get rid of pen and paper and go digital easily. Use in your local language and brand with your company name.

Warehouse tool

Ship: Scan batch numbers on customer orders

Move: Change stock locations

Receive: Scan incoming goods to pair with purchase orders

Field service tool

Service people can register materials used for repairs / installations on site.

Simply type the work order number. and scan the spare parts – no paperwork needed.

MotoScan, a perfect solution for inventory and shipping management"

Key Features

White label app

Use your own company branding

Local language availability

Write text and menus in your own language with your chosen words and headlines

Easy configuration

No programming needed. Comes with preconfigured menu – almost ready to use, or change if needed

Supports barcode scanners

Zebra devices with integrated barcode scanners are supported. Also supports camera scanning on consumer devices such as Android phones

Wireless data synch

Data is synched to FTP or Dropbox on WLAN or GSM

Database import

Lookup-database enabled. Carry out price checking with your devices or check stock

Easy to operate

Very easy to operate. No prior knowledge of mobile computers needed

Licensed forever

No recurring fees - the license is purchased once and stays with the device forever

Value priced

Price/performance is perfect for entry level terminals. Low cost software with top level features

Easy to use and gets excellent feedback"

How does it work ?

Sign in to your account on the MotoScan website and create your own scenario using an easy to understand tree-menu and field creator. No programming knowledge is needed to get started. Try it out for free and be convinced.

In the software setup you decide how the data format is defined and how many functions the main menu should present to the users.

Try out MotoScan in Demo and Trial mode

An unlicensed version running in demo mode can be downloaded from the website using staging barcodes for the different vendors in the list or downloaded from PlayStore

The demo version has no connection to the back end, no data transfer and just the default scenario to test on your device.

Creating an account on the website and starting a trial period (60 days), will allow you to store and transfer one record and change and test one configuration.

Purchase the licenses online or contact your distributor if you are a reseller/integrator.


Download a demo of MotoScan in action


Register for a free 60 day trial


Begin making MotoScan work for your buisness